D Smith arrived in NYC in 2005. She was a musician from Miami and first met Philip when they were both working at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, D was the maitre'd and Philip, the cocktail server. She became Philip's best friend.  Her musical career as a producer, singer and songwriter went from strength to strength having worked with the likes of Lil' Wayne, Ciara, Andre 3000 earning her two Grammy nominations.  

It is her voice that is extraordinary, ranging the deepest of the male octaves to the highest of the female ones. Gender lines are blurred, D started her transition to becoming a woman in 2015.  On a clear summer's day in 2018 we celebrate her becoming with a dance to the backdrop of the limitless sky. Blue here, is not only the warmest color but one that represents freedom. 

Photos by: Sequoia Emmanuelle

Jewelry by: Laura Wass